2018 season

Please put me on your mailing list for next year

Ordering in Bulk

Hello, I am planning an event for February of 2018 and we are hoping to find pricing for bulk purchase of lavender buds and bushels/dried cuttings. If you could please let us know the pricing and if the 2018 season falls within our time frame. Thank you, Kayelyn Rowell

Order #418

Hi, Is everything okay with this order? Thanks, Susan


Hello! Thanks for answering my question regarding when the best time to visit is to see the lavender fields. We will likely come out in June, but maybe sooner to see the sunflowers!

Lavender wholesale

Hi there! I had a few questions – I am a local in the area and was wondering if your farm is open to the public? Also wondering – do you sell wholesale lavender if I was looking for 1-2 lbs at a time maybe once a month? I am a distiller (for Hydrosols) and […]